Upper Hanover Street, 24 May 2018

Upper Hanover Street 24.05.18

Facts on the ground suggest that Upper Hanover Street in its present form post-dates several other roads in this area of Sheffield. It dissects Broomspring Lane, Wilkinson Street, Glossop Road and Leavygreave Road, all of which would follow more or less straight and uninterrupted paths without it.

St. Andrew’s United Reformed Church on Upper Hanover Street looks like it’s housed in a typical mid-Victorian building of its type, which supports the idea that the road must have been widened to accommodate the growth of traffic in the city and the look of the area surrounding the church suggests that this undertaking could date from the 1960s.

This photograph was taken at the junction of Leavygreave Road and Upper Hanover Street. The low wall behind the two women forms part of the perimeter of the Somme Barracks, which opened in 1907 and now serves as the base of the University of Sheffield Officers’ Training Corps.

The black building in the background is the university’s Department of Music Soundhouse, a “purpose-built, state of the art facility for instrumental lessons, practice, small-scale rehearsals and sound recording.” It’s an interesting looking place but it’s almost impossible to get inside; access to the building is not granted to all music students and members of the public seem to have no way at all of gaining entry.

The high brick wall to the left of the frame at the back of the picture forms part of the former Henderson’s Relish Factory, which closed in 2013. The site was purchased by the university in 2015, which announced grand plans to turn the premises into a pub (since downgraded to a vague commitment to ‘preserve and develop the original building as part of its campus’).


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