Vanity Fair, Holme Lane, 3 August 2018

Vanity Fair Holme Lane 03.08.18 1

Level 4 Local Guide Moses gives the place a five star Google rating and comments ‘Good’.

Moses seems at ease with the world. He gets about a bit – Sheffield, Rotherham, Manchester, Blackpool… Wherever he goes, he inhabits a five star universe. Unlike his illustrious forebear and namesake, he’s not hard to please.

Volt Sheffield Vapes & CBD Oils offers ‘Good customer service and products’. World Class on Pitsmoor Road ‘Have everything’. The Sea in Blackpool is ‘Nice’, as is Woody’s Sandwich Bar on Ecclesall Road. The Hadramout Restaurant in Manchester offers ‘Very nice food’. GoldStar Manchester Ltd in Salford provides ‘Top service’. The Turkish Kitchen serves up ‘Good food a bit pricey’. The Ponderosa is a ‘Big park good for kids’. The Peak District National Park is ‘Nice’ and KFC on Queens Road is ‘Sweet’.

I’m left wondering if I’ve stumbled on some repository of coded transmissions hiding in plain sight. If that’s the case, I must confess that I can’t crack the code.


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