Commonside, 29 March 2018

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I believe that the path revealed by this open door leads nowhere. It doesn’t really extend beyond what can be seen. The path itself contains nothing of note and it’s bounded by high brick walls on both sides of its narrow width. This being so, the purpose of the cruel looking barbed wire above the door and the security light pointing backwards just beyond its entrance is a mystery. Considering the matter rationally, I must be mistaken in my assumption regarding the terminus of the passageway.

The path is situated between the Springvale Tavern and the shop next door to the pub on Commonside, which sells ‘sporting goods’. The Springvale has been going downhill for years and it was never a destination pub to begin with. It’s too far away from major centres of population and to get there from the houses that are nearby would involve a challenging walk uphill, either going out or returning. A succession of tenants have come and gone, none of whom have remained for very long. My guess is that the owners of the building are biding their time, waiting to receive a suitable offer that will see the place transformed into student apartments. The sporting goods shop used to be a vaguely interesting second hand book and record store, but it hasn’t served that purpose in decades.

Not all open doors are enticing. Some of them repel, rather than attract. I hear the lyrical hook of ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ by Joy Division: “This is the way, step inside…” I decide to give it a miss. I walk to the top of Commonside, descend onto Barber Road, and I’m gone.