Serpent’s Egg, 23 December 2017

Processed with Blackie

23 December 2015

“Welcome to Nowhere, Gateway to Nowhere.”

To think what you think, feel what you feel, and do what you want to do based on what you think and feel is a truly revolutionary act.

23 December 2016

1982 pop music as channeled by Top of the Pops. Aim to have fun. Engage in complicated personal relationships. Pursue glamour. Populist alienation, unhappiness and fear. Intimacy as power struggle. Cynical romance.

23 December 2017

The demands of nature.


West Street, 7 December 2017

Processed with Blackie

“… the law has neither eyes, nor ears, nor bowels of humanity; and it turns into marble the hearts of all those that are nursed in its principles.”

7 December 2016

Grime – keepin’ it real through recourse to fake templates.

Tension. Giddiness. Dread.

At what point do you recognise the futility of your actions?

Off Brunswick Street, 6 December 2017

Processed with Blackie

What is the purpose of these words? What is the purpose of these images? Are these words and images presented as effectively as they could be?

Morris dancers on East Street. Some modern day farmer’s boy or carrot cruncher cursing me as a leprechaun after misinterpreting my beard.

6 December 2016

Go deep and radiate outwards.

Make mine a double absinthe and laudanum with a triple tincture of opium on the side.

6 December 2017

Gate gate paragate parasamgate svaha

Reet farre oot mon

2 Nadaland kapital Naht…

Moorfoot, 14 November 2017

Processed with Blackie

14 November 2015

At least 127 people killed and 180 people wounded in a series of co-ordinated attacks in Paris. We are powerless in the face of murderous hatred. “France vows to wage a merciless fight against terrorism.”

14 November 2016

What proportion of my actions are anything more than distraction, and what am I distracting myself from?

“The agreed reality is not reality. There is no reality.”

14 November 2017

The centre of Sheffield is shifting towards the Moor.

Marks and Spencer, Fargate, 19 December 2017

Processed with Blackie

19 December 2016

Um Samah / Mazaher – zar from Egypt. It gains power as it goes along by virtue of its sincerity.

‘Satan is Real’ by The Louvin Brothers. It’s a pretty good track but their work overall is tedious.

19 December 2017

Four people detained following ‘terror arrests’ in Burngreave (Fatima Community Centre, Brunswick Road, or the flat attached to the back of the building), Meersbrook (97 Shirebrook Road), Stocksbridge (Stocksbridge Gents Barbers, the owner asserting that the police might have raided the wrong address) and Chesterfield.